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Flavors / vanilla beans !! daily price / Prezzo del giorno !!

vanilla beans "bourbon" white, crystallized - box 1 kg !! Daily Price – Prezzo del giorno !!

  • Crystallized vanilla beans "bourbon" - Ingridients: vanilla beans (98%), vanilla flavour (2%). White cover through crystallisation with vanilla flavour. Suitable for ice cream and other comestibles with vanilla taste.

    Stanghe di vaniglia "bourbon" cristallizzate - Ingredienti: bacelli di vaniglia (98%), aroma vanillina (2%). Inbiancate con cristallizatzione con l´utilizazzione dell´ aroma vanillina, consigliate per la produzione di gelato ed altri alimenti al gusto di vaniglia.

    Daily Price – Prezzo del giorno

    € / kg = 250,00
    per box = 1,00 kg

    If you order this product,
    We calculate this to our current price.
    Our daily rates, you can find phone
    or send us an e-mail.

    For the production of vanilla – ice – cream
    100 % vanilla pods
    Crystallization of the vanilla according to our own process using vanillin aroma.
    At will.
    Minimum shelf life:
    1 year
    Cool at room temperature of approx. 15°C, dry and original packaging! Do not expose to sunlight!

    Nutritional values x 100 g (obtained by calculation) - Nährwerte x 100 g (durch Berechnung erhalten): Energy Energie 196 kcal 822 kJ / Fat Fett 8,3 g / Saturated davon gesättigte
    Fettsäuren 1,1 g / Carbohydrates Kohlenhydrate 26,6 g / Sugar davon Zucker 26,6 g / Proteine
    Protein 3,7 g / Salt Salz 0,02 g


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