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Toppings / speciality sirup topping
chocolate / cocoa / cacao - bottle 1,00 kg - Iceflips Toppings

chocolate / cocoa / cacao - bottle 1,00 kg - Iceflips Toppings

Price: 6,30 € plus VAT. plus Delivery Product number.: 1702 3-5 days

chocolate / cocoa / cacao
€ / kg = 6,30 €
kg / bottle = 1,00 kg
( Box - 6 Bottles )


Product name: Chocolate flavoured Topping.         

Product description: Chocolate flavoured topping for ice-creams, cakes, yoghurts and fruit salads.

Aspect/Taste: dense and flowing liquid, with taste and smell typical of chocolate. 

Ingredients: glucose syrup, water, chocolate in powder 20% (cocoa and sugar), condensed milk, colourings: caramel, thickener: xanthan gum, flavourings, preservative: potassium sorbate.

Recommended dosage: at will on the ice-cream.


Chemical – physical characteristics             



pH:                                                      6,8 +/- 0,5


Refractometric residue (°Bx):            74,5 +/- 0,5

Refractometer of Abbe


Microbiological properties


less than 10 UFC/g


less than 10 UFC/g

Total Coliforms        

less than 10 UFC/g

Escherichia coli        

less than 10 UFC/g  


less than 10 UFC/g


absent in 25 g

Listeria Monocytogenes

absent in 25 g


Nutrition Facts – On average 100 g of product

Energy Value

286 kcal / 1197 kJ                                               



   -of which saturated

0,9 g                  


65,8 g

   -of which sugars





0,0 g


GMO (EEC Regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003): the ingredients (primary and secondary) do not derive from or contain genetically modified organisms.

Allergens (All. III bis directives 2000/13/EC, 2003/89/EC and 2007/68/EC): Milk is present.

Additives: Flavourings in conformity with EC Regulation n. 1334/2008 of the European Parliament and the European Council, of the 16th December 2008. Colourings in conformity to the EC Regulation n. 1333/2008 of the EU Parliament and the Council, of the 16th December 2008, regarding food additives.   

Packaging: 1-Kg polyethylene bottle, with heat-sealed seal and drip-catcher cap. Material for foodstuff in compliance with the regulations of Ministerial decree 21/03/73 and following amendments, Ministerial Orders 18/06/1979, 2/12/80 and 2/06/82.

DMD (Date of minimum durability) and storage instructions: 36 months from the production date if stored in the original, unopened packaging, away from heat sources in a dry, clean and cool place. Before use, check the DMD on the packaging. The DMD stated refers to the correctly stored and unopened packaging. Shake well before use.

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